The procedure for filing and processing applications is as follows

Upon receipt of your request for information, one of our advisers will contact you and send you an application file which you must complete and send to us,

Also attach: Copy of an identity document, copy of the diplomas and corresponding transcripts, transcripts of the last two years of study (including the bulletins in your possession for the current year), CV.

Your complete file will be evaluated by our educational committee

In the event of an admissibility decision, we will offer you a motivational telephone or skype interview.

At the end of this process, the final decision will be made.

In the event of a positive response, we will send you a pre-admission certificate subject to the payment of a deposit of 20% of the tuition fees and the possible validation of your current year.

As soon as your deposit has been paid, the final admission certificate will be sent to you and we will assist you in the procedures with the French authorities. We will notify the Campus France office you are reporting to live.

We will support you at each stage of your visa application process and give you precise and detailed advice.

We generally check individually all the files that you will submit to the French authorities entering the process.


  • Campus France which will validate the educational aspect of your application
  • The French Consulate for the administrative part.

You will first have to create your account on the Campus France platform.

When you have finished, Campus France will examine your file and you can then make an appointment to meet with an advisor.

The second step is the deposit of your consular file, it is at least as important as the first…

You will need to build an administrative file to verify that you have the logistical and financial capacity to live in France. You will find attached to this document the list of elements to provide to constitute this file. Attention, the Consulate is very very picky, do not think that not providing this or that document is not a problem, that you will be able to give proof of your financial capacity later … it’s No! Everything must be impeccable.

The file itself is not very complex, you need, in addition to a valid passport a few administrative elements and also:

Proof that you have an accommodation: Either it is a relative who lodges you and he will have to make a certificate of accommodation free of charge (we have models) or you have rented an accommodation and you will need proof of this reservation.

Proof that you have the financial means: if you are not hosted for free, you will have to prove that you have monthly availability of € 615 / month for a year, i.e. having blocked the amount on a bank account of € 7,380 and requested an irrevocable transfer to your attention for the current year. Again, we have models of bank certification. If it is a relative in France who is responsible for your expenses, he will have to prove his income and his ability to assume the additional burden that you represent.

Please note if you are a minor on the date of arrival in France, you also need a tutor to whom your parents will have delegated parental authority.

You must be very vigilant on this file, you also risk a visa refusal because a document does not comply …

The appointment for the filing of the file is generally taken online, visit the website of the consulate for more information.


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